Welcome To Bushville
If you've come here looking for stuff about George W, Jeb, or any of those 'Bush's", then you're in the wrong place. We ain't them. We're a different group. And the purpose of this site is to put together a place to tell about our family. Maybe keep a calendar, blog, recipes, and stuff like that.  As of this writing (August 2, 2015) we really haven't gotten all that together. But we are working on it. If you are kin to any of the John T., Willie, Lamar, Billy, or Edgar Bush's...then contact us and we'll add you to the site. We would love to get as much information here as possible. And we know, that one day we will be leaving this place to join those that came before us. So, this site will need someone to care for it afterwards.  It's not for a single family, it's for the whole family. 

  • Looks Like We're Getting Started Today was the first day that we've written anything on this site. Each day , we will add just a bit more. It will be done in 25 minute increments ...
    Posted Aug 2, 2015, 2:44 AM by Stan Bush
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